Since 1942, ARGOSHEEN has solved carpet cleaning problems for schools, hospitals, aiargosheen pic 3 x 3rlines, resorts, restaurants and other facilities. With ARGOSHEEN Carpet Cleaner, a complete cleaning product containing spotters for anything likely to happen to carpet, walls or upholstery.

In the 1950s we got people off their hands and knees with the cotton Argo Rug Mop.

In the 1960s, ARGO originated the bonnet / pad method of carpet cleaning, providing a way to remove dissolved soil from carpets without leaving wet, sticky residue.

In the 2010, Argosheen is still the premiere carpet cleaning system and will continue to bring you only the very best proven technology for keeping all your carpets looking and feeling factory fresh !

Argosheen is a concentrated multiuse chemical that provides solutions for fast and effective carpet care in high traffic facilities. It is also impressive with its aggressive performance on tile and grout. Your customers and staff will love the clean fresh smell of Argosheen. It is safe on most carpet fibers, including wool. It is great on surfaces such as white boards, wall lockers, desks, counters, Kitchen cabinets, upholstery, car interiors and concrete (see directions for dilution). Argosheen is tough on heavy grime and will amaze even the toughest critics as it out performs the expectations of most users. We manufacture Argosheen with pride knowing that we will be providing the best cleaner you can buy at any price.

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